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Kemmler Foundation is all about a utopian vision of the status quo. Where is hope, where is future in this mess?

Katharina Kemmler-Kitzinger, February 13, 2020

The Kemmler Foundation was established in 2020 as a nonprofit initiative to support and connect the work of artists, writers and creative thought across disciplines. In the face of a collective future threatened by a multitude of intertwined crises, we maintain that arts and culture are not just a luxury, but essential to understanding and acting on the most pressing questions of our time.

 Borne out of a set of ideals shared within the Kemmler Family and inspired by the lasting legacy of co-founder Katharina Kemmler-Kitzinger, the Kemmler Foundation’s mission is to amplify voices of hope and positive social change from a variety of backgrounds, fields and experiences, collaborating with established and emerging talent.

The program of the Kemmler Foundation is shaped by our dual commitment to provide practical support the arts  as well as broad access through our public program, which consisting of temporary exhibitions, artistic performances, talks and readings.

As an integral part of our funding effort, Investigation grants are awarded by the Kemmler Foundation to art and research projects across different fields, practices and media. Special consideration is given to ideas and projects to which, due to their nature, timeframe or multidisciplinary approach, other sources of funding might not be readily available.  Projects and artists supported by the foundation will be featured in our publication series Future Archives.

Utopia will always remain a work unfinished. The Kemmler Foundation, in fostering critical engagement with our collective present, is looking for visions that ultimately transcend it.